Science city- The one-of-a-kind attraction of India

Science city is one of those places in Kolkata where you can visit whenever you want. Besides, the finest part about this place is that you can visit here with your parents, with your partner. Also, you can attend this place with your friends. Science city has numerous things in its palate to offer. Well, it was inaugurated in the year of 1997, and since then it is entertaining people. Moreover, it represents the progress of science and its incorporation in human welfare and industry. For several years, it is delivering numerous memories to people.

The significant attractions of science city that will take your breath away


Well, this is a large spiral-shaped building. It also comprises of numerous interactive exhibitions that involve physical science. Besides, the energy ball signifies the unique structure of the building. You can do various things here like making a soap bubble that will float in the air, walking on the piano floor and also creating some music. Moreover, you can also move a floating ball, peeping in the well of infinite depth.

Power of ten-

Power of ten is new on the board. It is a panel-based exhibition that unfurls the mystery of the universe.


Here, you will find some visuals and pictures that may seem impossible to you, apparently. Also, these visuals will help you to acknowledge the difference in your visual perception.

Life in water-

There is a 40-tank aquarium that consists of fishes of exotic varieties. Also, the authority provides them with the natural underwater environment.

Space odyssey-

The space odyssey will provide you with an electrifying adventure of the universe. Here, you will also find numerous entertainments like a time machine, space theatre, 3D theatre and countless other things.

Time machine-

The name says it all. This is a place where you will witness a synchronization of audio and visuals. It will also give you a sensation of capsule ride.

Mirror magic-

If you want to confuse your brain, mirror magic is the thing for you. Once you enter this maze, you will feel trapped in the mirrors.

3D vision theatre-

In the 3D vision theatre, you will witness an immersive experience. Besides, it will deliver you with unique Polaroid spectacles. The stereo projection will also craft a three-dimensional effect.

Space theatre-

It is a dome theatre. Besides, it will provide you with an astonishing sense of involvement. The Astrovision 70 extensive format film projection system will deliver the viewers with unsurpassed sizes.

Butterfly enclave-

If you love colors, this place will fascinate you. Here you will find numerous colorful butterflies, and they also are in search of the nectar from flowers. Besides, they also hover to the different trees to lay their eggs.

Maritime center-

Maritime center is a permanent pavilion that stays within the science city. It was built with the collaboration of Kolkata port Trust. Besides, it portrays the glorious Indian maritime history and maritime activity.

Musical fountain-

It is a fully computerized fountain. Moreover, the water jets of this fountain have synchronization with music. It will also make you relaxed and happy.


• It is the largest science Center of the sub-continent.
• In the Dynamotion, you can make slope bubbles and also make the dishes float in the air.
• Besides, the butterfly enclave will allow you to enjoy the different colors of a butterfly.
• Also, there is a ropeway service that you will find on the premises of Science city.
• Besides, when you will enter the Mirror Magic section, you can experience afloat in the air or curving tunnel.