Mayapur Tour

The Magnificence of the Destination of Mayapur

Mayapur is a beautiful place with a serene and mind freshening atmosphere. It is the pious land of Lord Sri Krishna. Mayapur embraces every beauty of Nature as it is a little village situated on the Ganga banks. Mayapur in the state of West Bengal, is approximately 4 hours drive from Kolkata. Mayapur has the famous Radha Krishna temple which tells the story of beautiful artistry of the talented artisans. The ISKCON headquarters is in this small village. The locals believe that Sri Krishna Chaitanya was the incarnation of Lord Krishna who came at the time of 1486. Sri Chaitanya started the Hare Krishna movement. Peace and a feeling of sacredness prevailed all over.

Serenity and Purity in the Air

A Trip to ISKCON Mayapur will give you the feel of mental calmness and at the same time power of God Almighty can be sensed. You can enjoy the beautiful places in Mayapur. The founder of ISKCON Chandrodaya temple is Lord Mahaprabhu, which is a dedication to Lord Krishna. This temple has an exhibition section which displays the different works and events of the life of Sree Chaitanya. Then visit the Sri Chaitanya Math, which is about 1km from Chandrodaya temple, and the temple is a dedication to Radha Gobindo. Sri Devananda Gaudiya Math is 5 km away from Chandrodaya temple. This Math is an ancient temple located at Champahati, which is a beautiful island in Navadvipa, a home of Lord Gaura and Gadadhara.

Places of Beauty and Historical Importance

The birth place of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the Yoga Peeth. The place outside the city is calm and the nature welcomes you with open hands. This is situated near the main entrance of Chandrodaya Mandir of Mayapur. This is considered as the excellent destination for meditation. The essence of purity and spirituality is everywhere here. The Chand Kazi’s Samadhi is a religious place, which gives peace of mind. This place will open the relationship between Chand Kazi and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. This is a samadhi, about 4 km from ISKCON temple which has a small shopping junction nearby. Chand Kazi was so much influenced By Gauranga and became his follower. The Radharani temple attracts tourists as this has suddenly appeared in one of the islands. Then visit the Sonar Gouranga Temple which has a splendid golden statue of Sri Chaitanya. Mayapur is totally enchanted with the magic of Radha Krishna, and all temples are unique in their own way.

The Essence of the Trip

Make a short trip to Mayapur and you will really feel the magic. You will get the delicious Bhog in the ISKCON temple. The fish cooked in authentic Assamese style deserves to be tasted. Try out the Bengali thali of the localities. The temple also has an arrangement of good food and snacks. So, try these fingers licking food served in the temple complex.

Mayapur Tour Plan

  • Standard Trip Duration: 12 hours
  • Tour Starts: 08:30 am
  • Tour Planning Assistance: Yes
  • Refreshments & Packed Drinking Water: Inclusive.
  • Driver with Phone: Yes.
  • Guide: Optional.
  • Lunch Break: Yes

Mayapur Tour Cost

  • Tour in AC vehicle: Rs. 6990 per guest (minimum 2 guests are required or one willing to pay for two).
  • Tour in Non AC vehicle: Rs. 6900 per guest (minimum 2 guests are required or one willing to pay for two).
  • Children below 5 years: Complimentary.
  • Entry Fees/ Camera Charges: Not included
  • Vehicle Parking & Toll: Inclusive.