Maidan- One of the oldest friends of Kolkata

Maidan is one of the significant landmarks in Kolkata. There are very little people in Kolkata who don’t know about Maidan. It is a big ground where you can spend some quiet time with loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you are going with your family or partner, Maidan embrace you with utmost love.

Besides, this ground hosts a lot of sports activities. You can play football, cricket, badminton, and numerous other games there. Also, you can enjoy some horse ride if you want. To be precise, there are multiple things that you can do in and around Maidan.

Here is the attractive history of Maidan

In the year of 1758, after the battle of Plassey, the East India Company came with the construction of the Fort William. During that time, they constructed the village in the centre of the town named Gobindapur. Also, they compensated the inhabitants of Taltala. Besides, they delivered the inhabitants with the land of Kumartuli, Taltala, and Shovabazar. In the year 1773, they completed the Fort.

Moreover, Maidan initially was developed as a parade ground of the forces. Once the Europeans moved to this area, the more affluent section of the Indians moved to different places. For instance, the Debs moved to the Shovabazar, Ghoshals to Bhukailash, and the Tagores to Jorasnako and Pathuriaghata.

Places to visit around Maidan

There are numerous places near Maidan where you can visit. Those places are pretty impressive. Moreover, visiting those places will give you a brief idea about the cultural beauty of this city. So, let us fathom the places where you can visit near Maidan.

Nehru Children’s museum

Do not miss to visit the Nehru Children Museum. Also, it is a fantastic museum that will make your child happy and excited. Besides, this museum hosts a 3D show which your child must-see.

MP Birla Planetarium

If space is something that fascinates you, must visit the Birla Planetarium. The tickets for this place are quite affordable. Besides, both adults and children can enjoy this place.

Elliot Park

It is a beautiful park. It is one of those places in Kolkata where you can spark the fire of your romance. Moreover, walking through this park will make you soothe your mind. Also, it will relax your nerves.

Park Street

Park Street is one of the most sophisticated places of Kolkata. It hosts numerous architectural gems. All those architectures depict the brilliance of British architecture.

Victoria memorial hall

To be precise, it is the most significant and prevalent monuments of Kolkata. Besides, it attracts a vast number of tourists from all over the world. This architecture reflects the aesthetic taste of the British people. It covers a vast area. Also, every day a lot of people visit this place to spend some enjoyable time.


Moreover, if you are a lover of ethnic dresses and jewellery, then this is the place for you. It is a small place where you will find a massive collection of ethnic dresses as well as jewellery.


• The other name of Maidan is Gawrer Math.
• Moreover, Victoria memorial, another popular tourist attraction in Kolkata, is very near to Maidan.
• Besides, Maidan was the Parade ground of the British army.