Kalighat Kali Temple is a blissful and auspicious place for the followers of Goddess Kali in Hinduism. It is also one of the oldest temples in Kolkata and is nearly 200 years old. This temple is a popular shrine that perceives thousands of devotees every year. Besides, people also believe that the name of the city Calcutta came into existence from the name of this temple.
Kali is also regarded as one of the most religious and powerful Goddesses of the Hindu religion. Goddess kali portrayed in a fearful and the strongest form, not only as a destroyer but also as a liberator.
Several of devotee worships Goddess Kali, who come from every part of the states and other states as well to worship. Besides, it is one of the famous tourist spots and attraction in Kolkata.


Originally it was a small hut. During the early 16th century, King Manasingha constructed a small temple. Moreover, the present temple structure was completed by the support of Sabarna Roy Chowdhury’s family in 1809.

In this temple, the Goddess Kali’s tongue and four hands are made of pure gold and silver, and the deity is of black stone. Besides, two saints, namely Atmaram Giri and Brahmananda Giri, crafted the existing idol of Kali. Furthermore, the popularity took place as the time passed and people got to know about Kalighat kali temple.

Also, on the auspicious day of ‘Snan Yatra,’ a bathing ceremony takes place where the priests cover up their eyes with the cloth strips while worshipping in the ceremonial dip or bath to the goddess kali.
Kolkata’s famous festival kali puja, Durga puja, Bengali new year day, poila boishakh, and Sankranti witness a humungous amount of crowd and devotees at the temple with the offerings and to get the blessings from goddess kali.


It is located in South Kolkata, on Adi Ganga riverbank. It is near to Chetla area, Kolkata, West Bengal.


People also consider Kalighat temple as one of the 52 Shakti Peethas. Besides, the followers of Hinduism religion believe that the different body parts of Sati fell during Rudra Tandava of Shiva. They also believed that the right foot toes of Sati fell here, and after that, the temple was founded to commemorate the Goddess.

As in mythology, the death of Sati took place due to self-immolation on hearing abuse of his husband, Shiva by her father, King Daksha. Lord Shiva out of anger, started the Tandav Nritya or the dance of destruction to destroy everything. Just to stop the world from imminent destruction, Lord Vishnu, based on the request of other God and Goddess used his Sudarshan Chakara to cut the body of Sati into 52 pieces which fell in several places of the Indian Subcontinent. Out of the 52 pieces, the right foot toes fell in this Kalighat Temple. Thus, people know it as one of the Shakti Peethas.

Government Contribution to renovate

Furthermore, the Government of West Bengal also played a great role to improve the temple, which is one of the religious attractions of Kolkata. Besides, the government have sanctioned funds for renovating the temple. Accommodation is also available for tourist and visitors here.


• Kalighat temple situates on the banks of Adi Ganga in Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal.
• It was completed in 1809 by the support of Sabarna Roy Chowdhury’s family.
• Moreover, it is considered as one of the 52 Shakti Peethas where the right foot toes of Kali fell.
• Also, the tongue and four hands of Kali is made of gold and silver.
• Besides, the name of Calcutta came from the name of this temple.