Howrah Station is the oldest and the largest railway station of all. It is the most complex station in India. You can call the same one of the four intercity railway stations and it has been serving the Kolkata City for years. You have the terminal station being located on the West Bank of the Hooghly River and the same is linked to Kolkata by means of the Howrah Bridge. The station has in total 23 platforms and it has the perfect train handling capacity and the station is so busy these days with the maximum numbers of passengers. You have lots of people coming to the station from all parts of the country.

The Establishment of the Station

The initial planning of the Howrah Station was done by George Turnbull and he is the prime engineer of the East India Railway Company and this happened on the 17th of June 1851. In the year 1852 the government made it clear that land would be purchased for the construction of the station and remonstrations were given by Turnbull at random. With this there was an enormous growth in the terminus. In the same year of 1852 the engineers took the responsibility of constructing the station and the right amount of money was invested for the purpose.

The Innovative Construction of the Station

However, due to the increase in the amount of traffic a proposal was given for the construction of the new station building in the year 1901. The new station was designed and constructed by the talented British architect with the name Halsey Ricardo. The station came under service on the 1st of December of the year 1905. This is the building which is known as the present Howrah Station. Initially the station had the fifteen platform tracks. However, the expansion of the station happened in the 1980s and more 8 platform tracks were added to the main station. This was added to the southern area of the station. Now there were total of 23 tracks. In the same year the perfect Yatri Niwas was being built for the convenience of the passengers. This was built towards the south of the original head house.

The Count of the Stations

Howrah Station has in total 23 stations. You have platforms 1 to 15 in the Old Complex and this is known as Terminal 1. You even have platforms 17 to 23 and these are placed in the New Complex known as Terminal 2. The Terminal 1 serves the local and the long distance trains of the Eastern Railway Section. The local trains of the Southern Eastern Railway mainly run from the place. From Terminal 2 only the long distance trains will operate belonging to the South Eastern Railway.

The Train Links

Trains belonging to the Howrah Station will serve the urban area of Kolkata and by boarding the trains you can travel to the important cities in India. Each day you have more than 600 trains running through the 23 stations. These trains will serve millions of passengers and this is the reason the platform remains busy for the whole day. In the way two zones are served and these are Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway. The South Eastern Railway is known as the Bengal Nagpur Railway.

You have the South Eastern Railway and the Eastern Railway and these are being connected by both the links among which one is the Lilua Tikiapara Link and you have one more and that is the Rajchandpur / Dankuni Mourigram Link. These links are only used by the good trains. It has been proposed that the links will carry passenger trains too and this will help facilitate fast movement in between the links.