Fort William is a great place for you to visit with your friends and relatives. It is one of the must attraction places in the city of Kolkata and it is a heritage building to visit and enjoy at the same time. The Fort is located on the banks of River Hooghly and the place got its name after King Williams III in England. The Fort William was built during the time of the British Raj in the year 1696. The two storied building was the actual guard room and this is the place where the Black Hole Tragedy had happened. However, the Battle of Plassey took place in 1757. This was the time when the Nawab of Bengal Siraj-ud-Daulah attacked the fort and he defeated all the Britishers.

After the attack the fort was completely destroyed and the Britishers thought of establishing a new fort. Robert Clive took the initiative to construct the new fort and this got completed by the year 1780. The prime reason for setting up the Calcutta Fort was to prevent the Muslims from attacking the place. The area adjacent to the Fort became the Maidan and this is where fairs and exhibitions take place at all times of the year. The old fort foundation is strong and intact. You would enjoy watching the military area and the Arsenal just inside the fort. However, to enter the fort you need the permission of the commanding officer. He is the right person to help you have a legitimate entry inside the Fort William.