Kolkata has some of the exquisite hands on destinations and here you can really experience the pleasure of practical science. As part of the list you have the Birla Industrial & Technological Museum. At the museum you have several buttons to press and you can even pull the levers for the best of experience. You have some of the biggest galleries to view and these are in need of repairing. The museum was established in the year 1959 and the day was 2nd May. This is one of the major commercial museums in India. It is being managed and handled by the National Councils of Science Museums. The council is the prime centre for all the science centres based in India.

The Specialty of the Birla Industrial & Technological Museum

The Birla Industrial & Technological Museum is located on the Gurusaday Road in Kolkata. The museum holds some of the special and facilitating facts for the spectators. The museum has the perfect motto. It has the responsibility to accomplish certain activities. At the museum you will come to witness the growth and the development of technology and science. This is the best place to preserve and restore the historical elements associated with science. At the museum you also find the devising and the expansion of the several scientific models and these are well fabricated for the knowledge of the viewers.

Why You Should Visit the Birla Industrial & Technological Museum

Often pupils from the schools and the colleges are brought at the place for the perfect science education and the perfect science consciousness. Here teachers receive the best of training so that they can well explain the scientific concepts and have a perfect understanding too. It is the right head to provide aid to the schools, colleges, universities and organizations. It is the great institute booster in case of the several technical institutions. The museum takes the interest and the initiative to popularise the concept of technology and science and the awareness is equally spread in the urban and the rural localities.

Things to See at the Birla Industrial & Technological Museum

You are sure to find innumerable galleries at the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum. Here you can take part in the exhibition where you are sure to witness the several displays on science. At the gallery you can see elements of fascinating physics, and there are more things like Motive Power and the Transport. There is even the display of Biotechnology and Metals and you have more things to see like Television, Electricity, Life Science and a mock model of the underground Coal Mine.

Getting to Know Things Here
The Birla Industrial and Technological Museum initiates and organizes various events and activities related to science and technology. You have daily science shows being held at the place and you even get an opportunity for sky observation. Here you get the chance to explore the creative ability and even experts visit the place and deliver lectures on the popular subjects. In fact, you learn more and you learn vividly at the spectacular science gallery.

Things to Learn and Experience
In regular interval of time the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum organises several memorable events. This helps in making people educationally aware. You have the Science seminars being held at the place. There are more things taking place like the Engineering Fairs and the Science Fairs. You can even make your kids take part in the annual science quiz contest and you have more things being held at the place like Hobby Camps and Science drama competitions. At the museum you get the chance to take part in the Science Film Festival and there are more things that you can enjoy and learn at the same time.

More Things to Adorn at the Place
You would love to explore the services offered by the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum. You can visit the massive museum library and you would love the collection of books at the place. There are more things like journals, CDs and films on science and technology. On paying the legitimate fee you get an entry to the library. The museum has the air-conditioned auditorium and the conference room and you can even sit at the cafeteria to utilize the time out. The Museum remains open from 10 am to 5 pm. It remains open on all the public holidays too. You will just find the gate closed on the special occasions and festivities.