In Kolkata, one of the best amusement parks for kids is Nicco Park. It is in Salt Lake City Kolkata. The fun park was formed to attract tourists and kids. It is one park that has lots of fun activities to do. It attracts each and every one in a family, and for friend’s recreation too.
Moreover, the fun park came into existence in October 1991 as the Disneyland of West Bengal. The area is covered up to 40 acres. Besides, it has 35 different attractions. Furthermore, it has served up to 24 million customers.

Concept and Construction

Nicco Park is one of the famous amusement parks in Kolkata. On the 300th anniversary of Kolkata, the concept of an amusement park came. In addition, it gives massive excitement to the people by the rides with solar energy that causes no pollution.
Besides, the vibrant and spontaneous spot became favorite amongst kids, youngsters, and parents who all prefer the attraction of such a wonderful place. This place tried to serve customers from the past 20 years. Moreover, the name and fame didn’t fade as because of the quality of the park, which got ample recognitions. Like recognition from the Safety Management System and Environment Management System. Also, Nico park is the first one in the world to gain a certificate of Social Accountability.

Fun park rides and water park

Also, this park is fully packed with amazing rides which include Tilt-a-whirl, flying saucer, magic carpet, paddle boat, toy train, river caves, giant Cyclone, pirate ship, moonraker, water chute, Cyclone etc. These are some of the outstanding rides for people and tourists. Some other popular parts of the parks are water-themed rides, slides and pools.

Wonderful thrill rides

People who are seeking for some energetic excitement, they are welcome to this fabulous amusement park. Besides, River cave is the first-ever ride in the dark tunnel. The ride brings goose bumps as it enters the cave through a canal in the dark and some surprises which include dinosaurs, volcanic eruptions etc. Besides, people can enjoy rides like a pirate ship, bull ride, twist and turn.

Kids ride

Kids will diffidently love this park because some of the rides are designed only for the kids. It has a playhouse which has a well-maintained kid’s corner with perfect swings, slides, jungle gym, see-saw etc. encircled by trees. Thus, it provides refreshment to the kids. A colorful boat is also available that confirm an enjoyable ride for the kids.

Nico super bowl

Nicco Park has an amazing super bowl in Kolkata. It is undoubtedly one of the favorite spots for teenagers to hang out. Well, it’s entertaining and fun to play games. Besides, it includes an air hockey table, a derby, and pool tables. Moreover, it offers several bowling tournaments in Kolkata. Per person entry fee is Rs 55, and the price of the game is Rs 110 to 200.


This place also includes a water park which is known as wet-o-world. It has numerous water rides. If you want some delightful effects, then this can be the best place. Also, it is adventurous and enjoyable. It has a wave pool, lazy river, splash pool, tube slide, rain dance, pirate bay, body slide, family swirl, wave runner, and also the falls.

Attractions of green gardens

Furthermore, it has attractive lush gardens and 40 feet high waterfall. These are mesmerizing and also the center of attractions. Besides, it includes the Eiffel Tower and bowling alley that you can climb, and people can enjoy the entire view of the park. Moreover, it has a fighter plane, 4d movie theatre, underwater live marine animals and a haunted house that will scare as well as amaze people.

Food court

Food court plays an essential role at Nicco Park as it serves North Indian, Bengali, South Indian, Chinese, Indian, and Italian food too. People will surely enjoy as the food is impressive and prepared most carefully while maintaining proper hygiene.


• The Park opened on October 1991, is the first amusement park in Kolkata.
• Besides, it is like the Disney land of west Bengal.
• This park is loaded with full of amazing rides
• There is also a separate playground and kids ride only for the kids.
• Besides, it contains a bowling house or Superbowl.
• Also, it has a lush green garden and 40 feet high waterfall and a fighter plane and 4d movie theatre.
• Food court also plays an important role which provides all kind of meal in a hygienic way.