Mother House

Mother House- Find the purpose of your existence

Mother Teresa was one of the kindest hearted people, history has ever witnessed. She dedicated her life to serving humankind. Her motto was to push the degrading humanity towards the path of salvation. Well, Mother House is the place where Mother Teresa lived and provided selfless service to the people in need.

In the year 1997, she left for the heavenly abode. Right now, she is resting inside the tomb that you will find in this house. Besides, a considerable number of tourists visit this place to witness peace and salvation at the same time.

History of Mother House

On 7th October 1950, Mother Teresa, along with her dedicated pupils, founded the Missionaries of Charity. The purpose of this charity was to serve humankind. Besides, she also decided to help for free to the poorest of the poor. Moreover, they took a mission to take care of the naked, the hungry, the disabled, the homeless, the lepers, and the blind.

Besides, she also decided to take care of the people who feel unloved, unwanted, and also those who are not properly taken care of. To be precise, she was adopting people who were considered burden by the community.

The orders from the Vatican

Well, after coming up with this organization, she received permission from the Vatican to establish the order of her own. After that, she crafted an institution named Diocesan Congregation of the Calcutta Diocese. Initially, the organization only consists of 12 members in Calcutta. Later on, with time, it became the Missionaries of Charity.

Mother Teresa and Pope Paul VI

On 1965, Pope Paul VI granted the Decree of Praise to the institute. Besides, he also granted Mother Teresa’s wish to expand the congregation to other countries as well. Venezuela was the first country where she established her institution outside India. After that, she further developed the institution to Rome and Tanzania, which is followed by several other countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia.
By 1996, the institution had its branches in more than 100 countries. Besides, they were also operating 517 missions at that time. Besides, at the moment, it consists of more than one million coworkers. Also, a vast number of people donate to this organization from all over the world. At this moment, they have more than 4500 sisters working for them, and it has branches in more than 133 countries.


• The missionaries of charity open at 8:00 am, closes at 12:00 pm. Again, it opens at 3:00 pm, and closes at 6:00 pm. Besides, it opens every day except for the Thursday.
• Also, one has to appropriately attired before visiting the Mother House.
• You can only take photographs of the tomb and her statue.
• Moreover, every day, at 6 am, sisters and volunteers perform mass. It takes place in the first place of the Chapel.