Asia’s Largest Flower Market – Mallick Flower Market

Often, the Mallick Flower Market is considered to be Asia’s largest flower market. The market begins where the gigantic and world-famous Rabindra Setu or The Howrah Bridge end. Besides, it stretches up to a kilometer sprawled by the mighty river Ganges at the back and very rich history of almost 125 years.

Flower Vendors and their morning duties:

The workers or the flower sellers gather at 4 am in the morning and are all set to do their jobs. For instance, coloring the flowers with different hues, setting up their stalls, some on ramshackle, some on the muddy ground while some with a perfect stall and the others wandering laden with flowers and selling them.

Feel the essence

Furthermore, Mallick Flower Market gives you the grandeur and experience of a vibrant and proper flower market. However, the place may be chaotic and filthy, but the flowers you get there are no less than the value of gold. Despite the chaos, it is incredible. Besides, the vast amount of colors is you see early morning bare sure to create an impression on you at your psychedelic senses.

Need flowers? Visit Mallick Ghat flower market

Also, you get to see all kinds of faces there. From the “richest” of the families to the not so “well-doing families”. Besides, every person shops flowers from here. The essence is real. Moreover, if you visit the place, your feet may get heavy soaked in mud, but your heart feels light.

Furthermore, this is the place where you get all kinds of flowers in all hues, shapes and sizes from marigold to jasmine, hibiscus to lotus, and every color of roses. In addition, the market has every flower you need for any occasion, whether it’s Saraswathi Puja or Durga puja.

The main buyers of the flowers from the market:

Moreover, you don’t need to be a flower merchant to buy flowers from here you can easily bargain as an individual to and take home the fresh and beautiful flower, filled with fragrance. However, the main buyers of flower from this market are the nearby subsidiary areas.

Best time to visit this place – Early in the Morning

To entwine your spirit, it’s best to visit the bazaars while the dew still shines and before the sun starts spreading its heat. Besides, the market is at its peak during the early hours a day. The market is open virtually 24 hours.

The Divisions

Moreover, Mallick Ghat flower market has mainly two street markets, the eastern and the western. The people always welcome you with a warm smile. Besides, waking up so early as 4.30 in the morning and visiting this market is no less than a reward. Also, it leaves you mesmerized by the innumerable number of flowers present.

Only Natives Visit this Place? No.

The place attracts not only the domestic people but also the outsiders. If you are in this city and yet not visited this place, you are missing out a significant area of attraction which decorates the city of joy. Besides, the market is almost 125 years old.


• The market extends up to a kilometer after the Rabindra Setup ends.
• Also, all kinds of flowers and garlands are available.
• Chaotic and overcrowded market but gives you a unique experience.
• The market opens at 4.30 am and winds up by noon.
• Moreover, the River Ganges backs the market.
• You are left mesmerized by the fragrance of flowers mixed with sir.
• Main buyers- Kolaghat, Mecheda, Chandannagar and other areas also.
• Besides, one can get flowers and garlands for every occasion.