Howrah BridgeThe Famous Howrah Bridge of Kolkata
This is the sort of cantilever bridge and it is popular in West Bengal as the Howrah Bridge. It comes with a suspended span and it stands over the Hooghly River.
The bridge was commenced in the year 1943. The original name of the same is the New Howrah Bridge and it is a replacement of the pontoon bridge at the same destination and this temporary bridge can link two cities of Kolkata and Howrah. On 14th June in the year of 1965 the bridge was named as Rabindra Setu and this was named after the famous poet of Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore.
The bridge is amazement in its kind and it stands as the best symbol of Kolkata and West Bengal. It is known to carry a daily traffic of 100,000 vehicle and you have innumerable pedestrians walking on the bridge on daily basis. This is the busiest and the wondrous cantilever bridge in the entire world. This is the third longest cantilever bridge from the time it has been constructed.

The Specialty of the Bridge
This bridge is the iconic landmark of the City of Joy. This bridge acts as the gateway to Kolkata and this is the bridge that links the city to the Howrah Station. It was a time span of seven years and during the time the bridge was constructed with all skill and professional aptitude. The length of the bridge is 1528 feet and the width of the 62 feet. You have pavements on both sides of the bridge and these are of 7 feet in width.

Location of the Bridge
This is the fourth busiest cantilever bridge and the bridge is internationally famous due to its unique construction. The bridge is there on the eastern bank of Howrah and extends till the western bank of the City of Kolkata.

Description of the Bridge
The Howrah Bridge has two sections and this covered the entire bridge area and this connected along the both sides of the bridge. The entire bridge is made bright with electric flood light. The bridge has an amazing length and width and the pavements along the bridge make it easy for the pedestrians to cross the bridge with all ease. In the year 1920 around six engineers were employed for the purpose of constructing the bridge. It was Sir Rajendra Nath Mukherjee who acted as the chief engineer of the remarkable project. The steel for the bridge was given by Tata Steel Company.
The amazing part of the bridge is that it is not constructed with any nuts and bolts. The construction of the bridge happened with the utilization of the 26500 tons of stainless steel. The bridge was supported by double piers. One pier is of 90 meters and this was constructed above the road. The type of the bridge is spectacular and you would love the way things are being constructed and represented. You have visitors from all over the world coming to see the spectacular sight of the bridge. This is the best constructional specimen in the whole world.