The Grand General Post Office in Kolkata
This is the GPO or the General Post Office in Kolkata. It stands well in the metropolitan city and it is the most eminent post office of West Bengal. This post office is responsible for managing the inbound and the outbound mails and can even take care of the parcels being circulated in the entire city area. The popularity of GPO is just great and it is counted as one of the famous landmarks of city Kolkata. The imposing structure came to be constructed in the year 1864. However, things completed in the year 1868 and this made the construction full and final. The total amount spent for the venture was Rs. 6, 30,510.

The Kolkata GPO was given the design under the supervision of Walter B. Grenvile. The grand structure of the General Post Office is just too good and you would love the iconic and the superior Corinthian Pillars.

The Location of Calcutta GPO
You have the GPO nestled at the crossing of the Netaji Subhas Road and the known Koliaghat Street. This is located in the BBD Bagh area of Kolkata. In fact, you have all the perfect conveyances taking you to this building of pride and heritage.

The Background of Calcutta GPO
It was Sir Warren Hatings who introduced thepostal system in Kolkata. This happened in the year 1774. This is the most famous landmark of Kolkata and the majestic structure came into being in the year 1864. However, things competed in 1868 and from the time the essence of this heritage building is undeniable. The Post Office has the high doomed roof and this raises over an extent of 220 feet. At the white dome of the building you have the huge clock and this is supported by the octagonal base along with the 28 Corinthian Pillars.

At the GPO you will find the special collection of the artifacts and you even have the huge collection of the stamps. There is even the Philatelic Bureau and this is located at the South West part of the edifice. The destination where GPO stands was in reality the site of the first Fort William and this was being harmed by Shiraj-ud-Daulah at the time when he invaded Calcutta in the year 1756. This is also known as the infamous site of Black Hole of Calcutta. You can notice the brass plate which is use to make the staircase on the eastern part of GPO. This is the eastern end portion of the Old Fort Williams and this is the remains of the ancient fort of Calcutta. Recently there has been an installation of the marble plaque on the walls of the eastern part of GPO.

Once you reach to the northern part of GPO you can find the Kolkata Collectorate and this is considered to be the traditional ground of the regional collector and this is a designation given by the regional government after the year 1857. This happened after the conventional system of the zamindars was abolished.

In fact, the existence of the GPO is much justified and you would love the traditional flavour of this famous structure in Bengal.