Star Theatre – The Heritage Site Of Kolkata

Location :

The star theatre base was initially at Beacon Street but later moved to the current Bidhan Sarani. Besides, the place is just a ten minutes’ walk from the metro station- Sovabazar Sutanuti.
A Rich and Glorious Past.

The star theatre came up in the scenario as a platform for some theatre productions. Moreover, many renowned actors like Girish Chandra Ghosh, Nati Binodini, Uttam Kumar, Dani Mitra, etc. have all earned their massive stardom from here.

The standing structure has contributed significantly in the birth of the Bengali cinemas, as it is one amongst the few other places where the first Bengali motion pictures were screened.

It is surely a heritage site of Kolkata that once upon a time caught fire, but its restoration was quite immediate and successful. Also, it continues to screen movies even today. Currently, a private company is taking care of the property of the star theatre, but it has not stopped having the heritage facade.

Amenities :

The interiors are contemporary, and along with it the theatre also hosts an art gallery, and the building also puts amphitheaters in work. Moreover, the auditorium also has excellent acoustics.

In addition to the screening of movies, the theatre also has arrangements of refreshments for you to munch. Besides, the theatre also has parking space available that is underground parking, which costs a mere INR 10 for a long three hours.

Aesthetic Ambiance :

Nestled in Bidhan Sarani the surroundings of the cinema hall give you enough of the essence of North Kolkata. A heritage theatre near the crossroads of Grey Street and Cornwallis Street with the tram lines around provide you enough of quintessential heritage and what you witness is just like an aesthetic photograph. You can’t have enough of it.

Scheduling of the Movies :

Normally, the plays in this theatre screening of movie occur twice a month. Both Bollywood and Tollywood movies, but this eventually increases during the winter days. At that time (during December and January) the screening of new plays are done at a period of ten days apart.

Easy Access :

The Star theatre of North Kolkata is easily accessible by various modes of transport system easily available, and the cost of tickets is also not much. Furthermore, every day a new schedule is put up according to which the movies will be shown that particular day. Besides, you also get the heritage ambiance and Kolkata’s historical essence.

Theatre Witnessed Some Great Personalities :

In the year 2012, the theatre came back to Civic ownership to stop the commercialization of the heritage site. Witnessing the presence of some great personalities like Vidyasagar, Rabindranath Tagore, Rama Krishna Paramhansa and many more have also been in the place’s fortune.

Unbeatable Even In Changing Times : 

Even in the current times with all the modern aura the historical Star theatre still maintains it’s grandeur, stands tall and holds it’s own ground even after tough competitions with all the modern movie halls. The new movie complexes can not beat the aura of the Star Theatre.

• Has a vibrant history
• This year the Star Theatre has completed 136 glorious years.
• Located in the crossroads of Grey street and Cornwallis street (Bidhan Sarani)
• Besides, it is easily accessible with different modes of transport available.
• Replete with the quintessential ambiance of Kolkata’s heritage.
• Currently under a private company.
• Hosts an art gallery also.
• Also, it’s well equipped with an amphitheater.