One of the amazing places in Kolkata to explore is Princep Ghat. It is the memorial of James Princep. He was an Anglo-Indian Scholarand also anhonorary secretary of Asiatic Society from 1832-1838. It was built during the British era and is located on the strand road on the banks of River Hooghly.

Also, it has been renovated in 2001 and was famous for its unique Greek Gothic inlays structure and the architecture which draws the attention of tourists. Various tourist and locals usually visit here to explore the beauty of Rive Ganges. Moreover, it looks more attractive when the huge magnificent Howrah Bridge, one witnesses in the background. Even the locals visit to absorb the regal vibe of this pleasant place.

Also, it is famous for sunrise or sunset. Generally, people visit here for refreshing their mood, taking a long walk, or jogging. Many youngsters and couples spend quality time over here also. Moreover, many visit the place along with their friends only to feel the soothing environment by the banks of the river.
Furthermore, PrincepGhat is one of the best places or locations that have been restored for the pre-Independence atmosphere. Nowadays, it has also become famous for pre-wedding shoots.

Photographers come here to grab some amazing pre-wedding pictures during the sunset and sunrise. This place is also packed with several food stalls as well. If a tourist wants to grab a bite, then they can choose this amazing place for some yummy foods or local snacks.
Boat ride at PrinccepGhat is amazing
Boating in Hooghly River or River Ganges is one of the recreational activities at PrincepGhat. Thus, these boat rides last for a few minutes to an hour. Also, you have the options to choose speedboats to traditional wooden boats. Usually, it opens early mornings from 6 am to 9 am and evening from 5 pm to 7 pm. If you want to enjoy the boat ride more in the evening, then you can also request the boatman to extend the ride for another hour at some additional charges.

Exploring at Princep Ghat

PrincepGhat is modified or renovated many a time to enhance the beautification. The renovation was completed in 2012. Also, a 2 km stretch of the riverfront is present between this memorial to BajeKadamtalaghat. Besides, the Ghat has gardens, lawns with tall trees and flowers beds which add more beauty to the place.

Therefore, it is a perfect retreat for nature lovers. It is a bliss for people who want to spend some quality time in a peaceful environment.

Grab Some Delicious Food

PrincepGhat has more to offer. Besides, there are several food stalls near the Ghat that serves delicious food and snacks like paani-poori, pav-bhaji and cheese sandwiches with some hot tea or coffees. Hence, if you are in Kolkata or visiting soon, then you must not miss the place and especially the local yummy delicacies.

In Princep Ghat, a stall is there, which is 50 years old, and they still serve ice-cream and fast foods.
Suitable time to visit Princep Ghat

The favourable time to visit is during sunsets for an evening boat ride or a to explore the lawns and gardens for some refreshment on the banks oh River Hooghly. Also, early morning for those who wish to witness the sunrise.

How to reach?

You can reach the place via circular rail, buses, and taxi. It also has a Railway Station maintained by Eastern Railway.


• PrincepGhat is one of the beautiful places in Kolkata.
• It was built in the memory of James Princep.
• Moreover, visitors and tourist come to visit here to see the sunrise and sunset.
• Also, it has beautiful gardens and lawns along with boat-rides in the River Hooghly.
• Besides, food is the best part over here as they serve a variety of foods in several food stalls.