Gangasagar Tour

The Grand and Gorgeous Trip to Gangasagar

Gangasagar is the pious land of West Bengal. The island stands at the joining area of Bay of Bengal and the Holy River of Ganges. This is the place to visit at the time of Makar Sankranti. For this you have to start from Kolkata for a decided trip of three hours to reach to the destination of Kakdwip. We are sure to provide you with an air conditioned bus and this will make the trip so soothing and comfortable. Once you arrive at Kakdwip you can board one of the local ferries to reach to the other side of the river and this is the place known as Kachuberia. The journey will take you not less than 30 to 40 minutes and a travel of more 40 minutes will take you straight to Gangasagar.

The Specialty of the Trip

The trip to Gangasagar is decided every year on the day of Makar Sankranti and this happens in the mid session of January and you have the pilgrims coming from all parts of India to take a holy dip at the confluence of the river. After the pious bath the pilgrims will pay homage to Kapil Muni Ashram and this is the destination which no one is sure to miss. On the same day of Makarsankranti you have the famous Gangasagar Mela being held on the Gangasagar Island. In fact, this is one of the notable festivals of West Bengal and you would love the show and the grandeur of the same. You have all the local specialties being displayed at the Mela and the show of the same is really so impressive.

The Charm of the Place

The beach of the River Ganges is the best place where you can loiter with all freedom and you are sure to love the ambiance of the place. The beach or the estuary is also known by the name of Sagardwip. The pious land of Gangasagar is so wonderful and the place is unexplored and unexploited with all the quality visitors from all parts of the world. It seems like unity and diversity at the place. At the time of visit you can be at Kapil Muni Temple and this is the temple of the legendary Hindu sage. There have been more temples at the place but all are destroyed due to the devastating natural calamities and this happened in the year 1973.

The Area so Grand and Noticeable

At the destination of Gangasagar you can visit other destinations like the Ramakrishna Mission, The Bharat Sevashram Sangha Temple and the renowned Omkarnath Temple. However, this is an opportunity to spend time away from the metropolitan city of Kolkata and you would love to embark on the enlightening and enriching journey to the open air of Gangasagar being triumphantly situated on the Sagar Island.

Good to Know:

  • Please note the vehicle that will drop you at Kakdwip (Lot No. 08) will be stationed there until your return.
  • Driving time may vary depending on traffic conditions.
  • Ferry services are available at regular intervals of 30 minutes in the morning / evening and 45 minutes in the afternoon.
  • Sailing time may vary depending on the tides.
  • Local transport on the other side of the river are all Non Air-Conditioned

Gangasagar Tour Plan

    • Standard Trip Duration: 12 hours.
    • Tour Starts: 07:00 am.
    • Tour Planning Assistance: Yes.
    • Refreshments & Packed Drinking Water: Inclusive.
    • Driver with Phone: Yes.
    • Guide: Optional.
    • Lunch Break: Yes

Gangasagar Tour Cost

  • Tour in AC vehicle: Rs. 6990 per guest (minimum 2 guests are required or one willing to pay for two).
  • Tour in Non AC vehicle: Rs. 6900 per guest (minimum 2 guests are required or one willing to pay for two).
  • Children below 5 years: Complimentary.
  • Entry Fees/ Camera Charges: Not included
  • Vehicle Parking & Toll: Inclusive.
  • Cost of Ferry and Traveling along Gangasagar Island: Included

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